Livestream, literally 💦

A new tourist attraction is going viral to people in Baybay for this nature preserve called Hugusan Falls!

We went there the second time for adventure with my brother and his best friend last August 26, we wanted to see how it looks now and its status especially that Leyte was hit hard by floods and landslides brought by Rainstorm Agaton. We were amazed it wasn’t really damaged that much even with few landslides few meters away, though there’s some deformation on the waterfall ground due to strong water current during the recent storm.

See my FB post:

It started to become famous when the pandemic started because people were bored staying in their homes. That’s why instead of just doing nothing, people are looking for places for adventure and to unwind.

The place is not polluted because it is far from the villages and houses. You can get there through a trail from Brgy. Kagumay or Brgy. Kambonggan trails. You need to to inform the local authorities in the Barangay if you want to visit because you will need a tour guide so you won’t get lost.

To those familiar with Google Maps, you can use the exact location pin below as your guide to make sure you are going to the right direction on your trail with the Tour Guide.

Check our YouTube Blog below to see more about Hugusan:

Happy Camping at Camp Kalipay!

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